Identical Twins

Identical Twins

Identical Twins

One of nature’s mysteries is that of Identical Twins!


Though there are many misconceptions including, they look exactly the same, even act alike and have the same interests, you could say a clone!

Parents of identical – monozygotic twins know better, and being a mother of identicals this is far from the truth.

What are Identical Twins?


Mono-zygotic twins are basically two babies produced from one embryo (one egg and one sperm), this embryo divides in half creating two of the same sexed babies. Their DNA is the tell tale way of knowing 100% that they are identical. Sharing a placenta and/or amniotic sac, or twin to twin transfusion syndrome can also be indicators.


16 Facts about Monozygotic Twins – Identical

  1. Monozygotic twinning is an unknown phenomenon. No one is really sure why the egg splits and is technically an abnormality of normal development, this is a random occurrence. But what a wonderful abnormality this is don’t you think.
  2. They always have different fingerprints.
  3. Fertility treatments like IVF or drugs are unlikely to influence mono-zygotic twinning. But that is not to say because you have any type of fertility treatment this won’t occur.
  4. About 25% of all monozygotic twins are called Mirror Image Twins. This means one maybe right handed while the other is left handed including other opposites.
  5. Identical (mono-zygotic) twins make up about a third of all twins. Strangely fraternal twins of the same gender and fraternal twins of opposite genders also make up about one third each of all twins.
  6. They almost have identical DNA. Though once that egg has split the DNA develops individually this is why they are almost the same and not exactly the same.
  7. They do not run in families. Some people may think otherwise due to a high rate of monozygotic twin occurrences in their family, it’s all by chance and just a coincidence. You could even say extremely good luck.
  8. Monozygotic multiples can be of different genders, but is very rear. This is due to genetic abnormalities, so not truly different.
  9. Identical twin babies have very similar brainwaves, so maybe they really can think alike and have the ability to finish each others sentences, as well as knowing what each other is thinking.
  10. Though the birth rate of twins has increase over the years, monoz-ygotic twinning has remained stable.
  11. Your chance of having identical twins is 1 in every 250 births.
  12. Studies have shown that in general identical twins will live longer than fraternal twins, possibly due to the fact of their close communication.
  13. Depending on when the egg splits they will either share a placenta or have their very own. Identicals will share a placenta if the egg splits after one week.
  14. Some people say that twins have a secret language but in fact it is more likely to be mispronounced words that each twin understands steaming back from learning to talk.
  15. Multiples are individuals, though they may share the same favorite color they each have different likes and dislikes.
  16. They don’t always look exactly alike.

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