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Newborn baby care

Newborn Baby Care Having twins is double the work but also double the fun, from splashing in the bath to changing their diapers. The feeling can be overwhelming, just take one day at a time always accepting and asking for help if you need it. Even the most experienced moms can feel the pressures of …

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Books about Twins

Books About Twins Here is a selection of books about twins, including twin pregnancy, raising twins, and children’s books for twins and even their siblings. Having some great reading material at hand can really give you the confidence and knowledge you and your children may need when expecting or raising twins.   Most of these …

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Silly Twin Questions

The Silly Twin Questions we ALL get asked As parents of twins, there’s no doubt we will all be asked some silly twin questions.   Some comments and questions will be annoying and silly while others come from who knows where and way out of the usual curiosities. Some people, strangers no less, even ask …

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Twin Pregnancy FAQs

Twin Pregnancy FAQ Your Questions Answered…   If you have just discovered your twin pregnancy you may feel overwhelmed and excited, you are likely to have many questions.    Provided below is some information and some other common FAQs on a twin pregnancy. Will I have a Cesarean Section? Not necessarily, having twins will increase …

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Types of Twins

Types of Twins Identical Fraternal & More Identical and fraternal multiples are two of the most commonly known types of twins but they are not the only types of twins. Monozygotic and Dizygotic Identical Identical twins also known as monozygotic occur when one fertilized zygote (egg) splits into two separate embryos. They have almost perfectly …

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