Exercise while pregnant with twins

While Pregnant with Twins

Twin pregnancy exercise

Is exercise while pregnant with twins safe?

A healthy twin pregnancy is important for healthy twins and a healthy mom, including a healthy pregnancy diet, plenty of rest and specialised care.


So is exercise while pregnant safe? It really depends you will need to get the all clear from your healthcare professional first. Once you have confirmation read these guidelines remembering the advice from your doctor.

Exercise While Pregnant with Twins

Exercise during a twin pregnancy is sometimes possible through part of your twin pregnancy, though advice from your practitioner is important. When pregnant with my twins I was told not to get over heated and go for a walk or a swim three times a week. Swimming was great being pregnant in the summer and it also relieved a lot of pressure. Later on in the pregnancy it was impossible for me to continue, it was hard enough doing general house work and even just getting out of bed.

Exercise in a twin pregnancy is usually only recommended (if at all) in the first and maybe during the second trimester. It all depends on how you feel physically, if you were active and worked out often beforehand, and if you have any twin pregnancy complications

Ideas for Exercise While Pregnant with Twins


Low impact exercises are highly recommended. You can try something like pregnancy yoga, there are even classes or DVD’s especially designed for pregnant women. Yoga is great for strength, flexibility and relaxation.

As mentioned earlier, swimming is great and many moms-to-be find this enjoyable, it also relieves some pressure for a while.

Another recommended exercise is called pelvic floor exercises, known as the kegel exercise. This can help with the birth of your babies, reduces the possibility of tearing and you’ll be less likely to have bladder issues after birth.

Unsafe Exercises and Activities

Here is a list of thing you are not recommended to take part in:

  • Weight or resistance training
  • Aerobic exercise even in a single pregnancy is usually not advised due to the high impact it would have on your body, possibly causing problems during your pregnancy.
  • Avoid over heating so no hot tub (of very hot baths), sauna, or exercise on hot humid days
  • Heavy lifting
  • Try not to lay on you back and defiantly avoid exercise involving laying on your back


When to Stop Exercising while Pregnant with Twins

When advised by your doctor, often at about 20 week’s gestation, you are prescribed with bed-rest or if you have any of the follow symptoms whilst exercising, contacting your obstetrician immediately:

  • Vaginal bleeding or discharge
  • Pelvic pain or pressure
  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • You feel like you are having contractions
  • A feeling of dizziness
  • You feel very tired
  • Short of breath
  • Sudden swelling in your feet and/or calf’s
  • Chest Pain

Further on in your pregnancy the ligaments around your pelvic area will loosen due to the hormone relaxin, this prepares your body for birth. Keep in mind that the loosening of your ligaments may make you unsteady causing possible injury, like lower back pain and possible knee problems. So take it easy even in everyday life, and since your center of gravity shifts as time goes by this will make you more unbalanced as well.

Discuss any exercise regime with your obstetrician before starting !

Have you got any further questions, then check out our Twin Pregnancy FAQs

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