Ideas for Twins Nursery

Twins Nursery Ideas

Planning a Twins Nursery


Planning and preparing for a twins nursery is not only fun but helps make everything feel real, that feeling of yes we really are having twins.

When designing your twin nursery with no doubt you will want something that’s functional and comfortable but the most exciting part is designing an absolutely gorgeous twin baby room.

To start here are some things to consider before deciding how you would like to design your special twin nursery:


Shared or Separate Nurseries?

Though some parents opt for two separate nurseries,  many will choose a shared baby room. Common reasons for a single twin nursery are for convenience, lack of space, to nurture the bond twins have as well as to save money. And in my opinion I think it just makes sense to have one twin nursery.

Choosing Cribs for Twins

Will it be one crib or two cribs for your twins?

Many factors are taken into consider when choosing cribs, the cost, the size, will they be sharing a crib or have one each, there are even cribs especially designed for twins or you could one custom made.

Storage and Space Saver Tips

So where are you going to put all that stuff? There are so many storage solutions to choose from, one tip is to think vertical. Also think about the corners of the room using a corner storage unit really takes advantage of every little bit of space. Reorganizing the closet and using baskets or even installing a whole new system.

Crib and Nursery Safety

Safety for your little ones is top priority for any parent. This article gives you a checklist for nursery and crib safety including a crib recall information link.

Nursery Themes for Twins

This is where you will have the most fun choosing the style, theme and color palette for the twin baby nursery. And it doesn’t have to be pink for girls and blue for boys you can really be creative and put together a funky baby friendly nursery. There are so many twin nursery themes that you can choose from – hopefully you can choose the right one for your little bubs.  

Twins Nursery on a Budget

Saving money when designing your twin nursery is not necessarily finding the cheapest thing out there, but rather looking to the future and saving in the long run.

Twins Nursery for Parents

Now we have said what your little ones will need so what about parents of twins? Not only will you want the nursery to be safe and comfortable for your babies but also comfortable for you too.

  • Have you thought about a rocking chair or some other type of feeding chair?
  • And how about a baby monitor, so you can get up for feeds and diaper changes as well as have piece of mind.
  • Another thing that helps both babes and parents is night lights, a dimmed light to keep the ambiance of the room quite and peaceful.


Well… apart from two crying babies.

Other things to consider

  • Heating and cooling depending on where you live and the time of year.
  • Having blinds or curtains that keep out light will help your two sleep better. Even if it’s just from the street lights.
  • Having a mobile or small stereo in the room so you can play a ‘It’s sleep time’ song is an idea my Aunt told me about. she did this with her twins and took it everywhere they went, it worked a treat.
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