Twin Names

Twin Names
Tips and Advice on Naming Multiples

Twin names help

Congratulations! You’re having twins and you are trying to decide on twin names.

This is the first decision you will make as parents, also making your multiple pregnancy feel real.

There are many strategies parents use to help them in selecting the perfect names, from rhyming to having the same meaning.

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Here are some great tips and advice to help you decide on just the right monikers for your little ones.

Top Tips for Naming Twins


The best tip I can offer you when choosing twin baby names is to remember though they are brought into the world together doesn’t mean they are a package deal.


So when it comes to naming, treating them as individuals is the best thing you can do for your multiples. All twins even identical twins have different personalities with distinct likes and dislikes, interests and talents.


Multiples are often dressed alike and have rhyming or similar monikers, with society identifying them as a two for one deal, along with constant confusion of who is who.


All that attention that can come with being twins can sometimes be frustrating. Things like always answering the some questions over and over again and being lumped together as “The Twins”. So give them individuality starting with totally different names.


This is just my personal opinion but many parents will have their own beautiful ideas when it comes to naming their babies.

Choosing Twin Names


Tips and Creative Techniques When Selecting Names


Rhyming Twin Names


Rhyming names like Mike and Ike or Tyler and Kyla can be very confusing for your children, “who is mom asking for?” It can also be bewildering for others trying to learn the names of your twins, especially if they are identical or fraternal twins who look very alike.

Naming your children with distinguishable monikers gives them a stronger sense of self and place in the family.




Anagrams, rearranging the letters of Amy to make May for example is a creative way in choosing names. An anagram of Nadia is Aidan and each sounds quite unique. You can really have some fun with this; here are some other examples:


  • Robyn and Byron
  • Blake and Kaleb
  • Randy and Daryn
  • Alex and Lexa


See what twin names you can come up with… You could even use your name along with your partners to create anagrams for your twins.


Themed Names


Naming twins with a theme in mind is a really creative way that many parents love. One idea for a theme could be flowers, Rose and Daisy are cute. Others use origin, place names or even names that have the same meaning like Ewan & Sinead both mean gracious yet this pair of monikers have individuality.


Virtue names like Faith and Hope or Grace and Serenity even a Seasonal theme like Summer and Autumn are very popular ways in picking out names.


Choosing Names by Meanings


Here are some names with the same meaning:


  • Alice & Elyssa – Truthful and Strong
  • Jennifer & Alana – Beautiful
  • Emma & Emaline – Embracing
  • Irene & Salome – Peace
  • Blake & Finley – Fair
  • Louise & Owen – Warrior


Having the Same Initials


Twin names that share the first letter will automatically be matching and is a common name choosing method. Some parents will even use the last later as another strategy like Byron and Ryan, both ending with an ‘n’. Sharing initials doesn’t mean they have to rhyme for example Nathan and Nadia or Hope and Hazel.

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