Development Milestones


Twintuition by Anna Stacia(Indy) I was 30 years old when I found out I was pregnant with what was thought to be my 3rd. child. It sort of came as a shock to me as I was sitting at my mothers computer one night and got up to pee (what seemed to be like) 15 …

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Twin individuality

Raising Twins and Individuality Raising twins brings its own unique challenges, experiences and fun. Often people see twins as a pair or a set and are celebrated in their likeness especially with identical twins and sometimes even same gender fraternal multiples. Baby twins will share many things especially during the first year of life so …

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Baby twin milestones

Baby TwinsReaching Developmental Milestones Developmental milestones for baby twins during the first year, how and when will they develop new skills?   All babies including twins will develop at their own rate. One may walk before the other, but it is true that your babies will learn off each other and other children. Though if …

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