Having Twins

Books About Twins

Books for Twins

Here is a selection of books about twins, including twin pregnancy, raising twins, and children’s books for twins and even their siblings. Having some great reading material at hand can really give you the confidence and knowledge you and your children may need when expecting or raising twins.


Most of these books have been written by twins or parents of twins, and what better than to get information from experienced people and families of twins.


There is a series of books written by young writer Paris Morris especially for siblings of twins.

Twin Pregnancy Books


When expecting twins I’m sure, just like I did, you will want as much information as you can get your hands on. Apart from searching the web having a great book can be really enlightening, here are just a few books you may like.

Raising Twins Books


Do you wonder how you will cope with raising your twin babies? We all have our moments of tiredness and doubt but we all seem to get through it. Here is some great reading for tips, tricks and advice on raising twin babies

Books for Dads of Twins


Being a dad to twins is just as exciting and scary as it is for moms. Here are a few books to help you along your way.

Other Twin Books of Interest


Twins amaze us all! here are some interesting books all about the wonder of twinning including celebrating twins, twin telepathy and psychology.

There are so many things to do when having twins – so make sure you are prepared and check out our Newborn Twins Checklist