Twins Ultrasound

Twins – Ultrasound Images

The first glance of a twins ultrasound is amazing and ultimately the best way to confirm a twin pregnancy.

Though some women have heightened twins pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and tiredness which can indicate a multiple pregnancy.

An ultrasound will detect twins at about 6 weeks gestation. At this point they are very tiny, measuring about 3mm.

Twin pregnancy ultrasound

A twin pregnancy is usually a big surprise with an ultrasound as reassurance that your little baby twins are really in there and healthy.


When pregnant with twins you will likely have more ultrasounds than with a single pregnancy, making sure everything’s well and on track with your twin babies.


You will also be able to hear their little hearts beat. You may even see them jumping around, while they have enough room to anyway.


The best thing is you will most likely be able to see your twins more often and have more ultrasound images to add to your memory book.



You will really be able to see how your twins progress and at about the 18th – 20th week you may be able to determine the sex of your twins.



Ultrasounds are also great to check on the nature of your little babies – take a look at these little thumb suckers on the right – toooo cute!

Ultrasound of twin sex

3D Twins Ultrasound

You can even get 3D ultrasound scans which are amazing to see. Once your baby twins are bigger it will be impossible for them to be seen in one ultrasound picture. 

So if you do want a shot of them together it will be better to get it done earlier farther than later.

3D ultrasound

Hidden Twin

Some women wonder about the possibility of a hidden twin during their pregnancy scan. With today’s technology the chance of this happening is extremely rear, but I have heard of this happening. 

This can happen with high order pregnancies like triplets or more but is still a very rare occurrence.

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