Twin baby gift ideas

Best Twin Baby Gifts

Ideas for the best twin baby gifts for the upcoming baby shower or upon the arrival of baby twins


If you don’t have a clue what would make a great gift for twins or you are looking for ideas to include on a baby gift registry, check out these ideas. A selection of gifts I consider the best gifts for twins, from helping out with necessities to giving a memorable keepsake

My Top Ten Picks for Twins Baby Gifts

1. Give Yourself

Every twin mommy will love this gift, a book of vouchers which you can make yourself, offering your services like helping out around the house or looking after their children. Here are some ideas you could include when creating a book of vouchers:

  • Babysitting voucher to take a nap, a night out or anything else
  • House cleaning like laundry, dishes, dusting
  • A cooked meal or even a couple to pop in the freezer
  • Errand run
  • Help with the grocery shopping
  • Yard work mowing, weeding, watering
  • Offer to wash the car
  • School pick up of the older children
  • Morning tea and I’ll bring the tea and cake

2. Diapers and Baby Wipes

There’s no such thing as too many when it comes to diapers and wipes for baby twins, diapers of different sizes are also helpful.

You may like to check first with the mother-to-be on her preference of brand and type of diaper.

A fun way to gift diapers is with a twins diaper cake, an awesome twins baby gift.

3. Nursing Pillow for Twins

A twin feeding pillow is great for breast or bottle feeding, and this Twin Z Twin nursing pillow is absolutely fantastic. 


A twin feeding pillow allows mommy to be hands free making the task of nursing her twins manageable and enjoyable.


Take a look at the Twin Z pillow to the right – and read up on its reviews…

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4. Essentials Gift Basket

With this twin baby gift you can include stuff for mom too. You can get ready made baskets or make your own. Select a number of items to fit inside a basket, a baby bath or even a small toy box. Here are some ideas:

For Twin Babies

Diaper rash ointment



Unscented baby wash & lotion

Two small baby blankets or wrap

Baby nail clippers

Baby towels and washcloths

Booties and bibs


For Mom-To-Be

Maternity pads

A spa treatment voucher

Nipple cream

Babysitting voucher

A chocolate treat

Voucher from a house cleaning service

Bling teething necklace, a necklace for mom and babies

Photo frame or album

5. Baby Clothing

When it comes to buying cute pieces of clothing for baby twins it’s important to remember that not all twin parents like identical outfits. But something that babies will need are garments like singlet’s, socks, creepers, booties and hats. So if you are unsure what to buy, these items will never go a miss.


You can always ask the twin parents-to-be what is their preference when it comes to matching, coordinates or totally unique outfits.


6. Baby Timer


Itzbeen Twin Pack Baby Care Timer is another best when it comes to twins baby gifts, each twin would need their own one. These help mom remember things like when their babies last had a feed, diaper change or nap with a total of 4 timers. We mothers know it can be hard to remember general baby care details so this can be a real life saver.

7. Keepsakes and Twin Themed Gifts


Do you want something a bit special? Check out these trendy twin baby gifts:

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8. Twin Stroller


There are many stroller styles made just for twins to choose from. Everyone has their own stroller preference they may want a twin stroller made for jogging or one for just being out and about. There are front to back or side by side strollers all different colors and designs.


If you are thinking about gifting a stroller you may like to ask mommy-to-be what she wants from a double stroller.

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9. First Book

A first book for twin babies can be anything from a learning book of colors, a nursery rhyme or fairy-tale collection, children’s books about twins or even a personalized book.

10. What about Something for Dad?

Going to a coed baby shower or just buying a welcome gift for the arrival of twins? Why not buy a twins baby gift for dad-to-be too.


If you still can’t decide what to get you can always get a voucher from a baby store or even grocery store.


This gift will always be appreciated and is really helpful as mom-to-be can choose just what she needs, helping with the task of preparing for twins.


If you’re obtaining gifts for the baby shower, or even if just organizing a Twins Baby Shower , these can be exciting times – so ensure that you are prepared

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