Pregnancy Stretch Marks with Twins

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

When having twins, pregnancy stretch marks are something most of us worry about. While your two babies are taking resident in your belly it will grow and grow and grow some more, so your skin will be stretched to its limit. Most will be left with a stretch marked belly, there are of course those lucky few who have no signs of any scarring at all.


Every woman is different with some developing more while the others have just a few. One big reason has to do with the elasticity of your skin which is hereditary, so if your mom has them it is more likely you will too.

Twin pregnancy stretch marks

How and Why they Happen


Pregnancy stretch marks, known by dermatologists as striae gravidarum, are common during rapid growth like during pregnancy. This happens when the elastic middle layer of your skin called dermis is stretched out and becomes damaged, leaving scars on your belly. Stretch marks can also appear on your hips, thighs, breasts, lower back, upper arms and buttocks. They usually start off as a purple or reddish color and then eventually fade to a silvery tone and very soft to touch. Though they are undesirable there is no health risk associated with this type of scarring.


Other examples of acquiring stretch marks can be due to growth spurts to adolescence, sudden weight gain or weight loss and body builders due to sudden mussel gain.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks – Prevention and Removal


However there are some things you can do to help prevent stretch marks or to lessen their visibility even removing them completely.


Prevention of Pregnancy Stretch Marks


There are a number of lotions, creams and oils that you can apply to your tummy, thighs, breasts, why not your whole body during your twin pregnancy.


It is important to remember that if you are prone to stretch marks then prevention may just be a case of lessening those scars and not a complete prevention. I’m sure that most of us will give anything a go, why not it just might work.


Home Remedies

  • Eating a well balanced diet to ensure your weight gain during pregnancy is within a healthy range. A healthy diet also helps to nourish your body and your biggest organ, your skin.
  • Keeping hydrated is important for the health of you and your babies. Another great reason to drink more water, it’s awesome in maintaining healthy skin.
  • Increase circulation by using a wash cloth in the shower to massage your belly and anywhere else to prevent stretch marks.
  • Keep your skin supple which also helps with elasticity. Liberally apply creams and lotions containing vitamin E and cocoa butter. Olive oil is also a great for keeping lovely moist skin. It’s a good idea to start doing this every morning and night as soon as you know you’re pregnant.
  • Avoid scratching your belly, this can cause the skin to break resulting in scarring. Applying vitamin E creams and cocoa butter can help with itchy bellies.


Getting Rid of Stretch Marks


There are over the counter and prescription treatments you can try. A bit of a sunless tan can help mask them too. Laser treatments are becoming very popular, though expensive it can really help with appearance of pregnancy stretch marks.


Keep in mind that some women could have a more pleasing result than others and this comes down to skin type and ethnicity. On the other had you could except them and over time they will fade somewhat anyway.


Having twins is unique as not everyone has the pleasure of twins.

I think of my stretch marks as a reminder of my pregnancy, though uncomfortable at times I miss it.
And what an experience from raising one child straight to having three and loving it, my stretch marks are something I am proud of and think of them as a small price to pay.
Naming Twins
Mum of Twins

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