Nursery Themes for Twins

Nursery Themes for Twins

Need some fun, cute, original ideas when deciding nursery themes for twins? 

Find decor and decorating ideas to make your twin nursery extra special.

White nursery theme


Use color to individualize each twin’s space or color as the design itself. It doesn’t have to be pink and blue either way. Why not try a chocolate brown and soft pink or a light green and white. Use colors that suit your tastes and complement each other.

Thought about using shapes or patterns? Some ideas are polka dots and stripes, stars and clouds or even swirls.




Animals can be a cute theme that has lots of variations like farm animals and safari animalsNoah’s ark is a popular theme maybe by pairing baby animals. Another idea is a nursery theme based around the zoo which could be for you.




Nature themes like under the sea, enchanted forest, a starry night or in the garden can be really fun topics. It can be either a hint of a theme or you can really go all out, it’s all up to you.


Disney characters


There are tons of Disney characters that are a pair and are perfect for any twin nursery, choose from the classic to the modern there are many possibilities.


Things in Two’s or Pairs

Here are some ideas for nursery themes for twins:

  • Cowboys or Cowgirls and Indians
  • Prince and Princess
  • Peter Pan and Tinker Bell
  • Two Peas in a Pod


Nursery Rhymes

My favorite is the nursery rhyme Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of, it’s called What are little boy’s made of.

You can use colors to represent this and having a framed painting of the rhyme or painted right onto the wall. 

You can do the same for your beloved nursery rhyme, there’s many to choose from and one to suit any twin combination.


Other Themes


  • An alphabet theme is cute and educational it’s never too early.
  • If you are a huge sports fan then use your favorite team to design the twin nursery.
  • How about flowers and butterflies.
  • A classic design is elegant and sweet you can start by choosing old styled cribs.
  • Be inspired by your favorite childhood book or movie.

Perfect Colors for a Baby Twins Nursery


Just a few things to know before choosing your perfect color palette for the nursery:

  • It is said that babies are inclined to cry more in a yellow room.
  • A nursery that has a number of pastels colors are seen by babies as one unknown color.
  • High contrasting colors stimulate the developing eyes of babies and is interesting. So light colored walls with darker or brighter accents are perfect.
  • The first color seen by baby’s developing eyes is red.
  • Calming colors are blues and greens while warmer colors like reds, browns and pinks are exciting, loving and secure.

Decor and Decorating Ideas


You could start by choosing really cute, fun or colorful decor and/or decorating items like a lamp, a clock or crib bedding. You can then build your theme around that. See below for some ideas:

Balloon Theme
Vintage Twin Room Theme
Symmetic Twin Nursery Theme
Modern yet functional theme
Geometric Twin Nursery Theme
Colorful Twin Nursery Theme
Ceiling Pop Nursery for Twins
Caddy Corner Twin Cribs Theme
Boho Twin Nursery Theme

Planning a nursery for your twins can be overwhelming, but take a look at some of these Twin Nursery Ideas to get you started

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