Having Twins

Breastfeeding Twins
Bottle or Breast?

Breastfeeding twins takes lots of commitment, patience and hard work.


Here you can read, learn or share your experiences, whether you nursed or bottle fed your twins.


Though it can be tricky to begin with, you can do it and many mothers from everywhere are very successful in doing so.

Breastfeeding Twins

Stories and Photos are a great way for new moms or moms to be of twins to hear and see how it’s done!

Bottle Fed Twins

Maybe you chose to bottle feed your twins, and sometimes moms who want to breastfeed didn’t have the option but to formula feed. Moms of twins, actually all mothers, can feel apprehensive when it comes to deciding whether to nurse or formula feed, so whatever you decide remember it’s your decision and your babies will love you regardless.

I Breastfed and Bottle Fed My Twins


Nursing is something I had found difficult with my first child (a singleton), so I was very nervous when it came to breastfeeding my twin girls. I made a decision that I was going to succeed and I stuck with it, asking questions from my midwife, lactation consultant and family members who had breastfed their twins.


While my husband was off work after the girls arrived, he would help me position them to tandem feed. After about 2 or 3 weeks I was successfully feeding my little girls at the same time.


By the time they were about 4 months I was exhausted. I decided to supplement one feed of formula a day, the last one before bedtime which my husband did.


Eventually I added in more bottle feeds till I was only feeding at the breast through the night. But my babies decided they only wanted a bottle making me even more tired. So my husband suggested we take turns feeding the girls during the night. It was great to finally get some sleep, and gave me more energy to do more things with the children and myself.


So I breastfed up until they were about 8 months old which I think was pretty good going.

Sometimes I missed breastfeeding my girls and I wished I had stuck with the breastfeeding longer, but in the end our girls are happy and healthy. What more could I ask for.


~ Charlene, Mom of Identical Twins ~

Stories shared and tips given from moms who have been there done that, gives great confidence and reassurance to those who are expecting twins.

Share your Story and Photos

  • How did you or do you feel about breastfeeding twins?
  • Did you struggle to breastfeed your twins? How did you cope?
  • Did or do you bottle feed your twins?
  • Maybe you pumped your breast milk. How do/did you feel about it?
  • If you pumped, how did you store the breast milk ?
  • If you had preemie twins, did you do kangaroo care
  • Returning to work and breastfeeding.
  • Any thoughts at all about breastfeeding, expressing/pumping breast milk or bottle feeding twins.
  • Add a photo or two showing how you nursed your twin babies.

We would love to hear from you! Contact us today to share your own story – particularly if you have experience with breastfeeding preemies

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