Twin Baby Shower Checklist

Twins Baby Shower Checklist

A baby shower checklist is really helpful when organizing a twin baby shower, helping you to stay on track without forgetting a thing. This list also gives you some idea of what goes into organizing a baby shower.

Twin Baby Shower Checklist Two Months Prior

  • Write a guest list, include phone numbers. You can check of each person as they RSVP
  • Decide on a date and time for the twin baby shower. Think about how long it will last
  • Choose a location for the baby shower. If you decide on an events facility then book it now
  • Determine what the budget will be
  • Decide on a theme for the twin baby shower. You can then choose the type of invitation you want, while thinking about decorations
  • Make a menu plan including beverages. Will you be making the food or sharing the load. You may even choose to get the shower catered
  • Either book the caterers now if that’s what you have chosen or call others if you would like them to help with the menu

Twin Baby Shower Checklist One Month Prior

  • Send out the invitations, including location and directions, date, time and when to RSVP by
  • Finalize the menu and organize table wear like plates, glasses and table cloths
  • Buying a cake? Now is the time to order it. Making a cake? Decide on flavor and decorations or buy (make) a twins diaper cake
  • Order any special items like balloons, tables and chairs, flowers and anything else you have planned. Some of which you could borrow
  • Buy the decorations to suit your theme
  • Decide on the twin baby shower games to play
  • Register mommy-to-be to a baby registry
  • Are there going to be children at the shower? Organize a baby sitting and entertainment

Twin Baby Shower Checklist Two Weeks Prior

  • Buy the baby shower party favors and prizes for the games
  • Finalize the guest list and make any calls needed to confirm on all who have not yet RSVP’d
  • Make sure all of the above is on track
  • Wrap the prizes for the games and the party favors
  • Make sure you have enough pens and games sheets if required
  • Buy a gift for the mom-to-be, unless you have planned a diaper cake as above
  • Buy, borrow or make all that is required for the games you have prepared like props, baby food, dolls, game sheets etc

Twin Baby Shower Checklist One Week Prior

  • Having name tags? Organize them now
  • Make sure you have a couple a cameras ready or disposable ones if you choose
  • If having at home, clean and prepare thinking about how you will be arranging everything like where the chairs and tables will go
  • Prepare any food that can be frozen

Twin Baby Shower Checklist – Two Days Before

  • If having the shower at home start decorating and set up the room with tables and chairs, a food and drink table, a present table
  • Prepare any food you can today, if anything is in the freezer take it out today
  • Prepare any food you can today, if anything is in the freezer take it out today
  • Pick up anything you have ordered or arranged to borrow like tables and chairs etc
  • Prepare a timeline so you can stay cool calm and collected on the day

Twin Baby Shower Checklist – On the Day

  • Pick up any flowers and balloons you may have ordered
  • Pick up the cake if you have ordered this
  • Have your timeline handy
  • Finish off the decorating and final touches
  • Finish preparing the food and beverages
  • Set up the tables and chairs including the gift table
  • Set up the party favors
  • Set the mood with some music if you like
  • Arrange a couple of guests to take photos and a video
  • Appoint someone to write down the gifts mom-to-be receives and from whom. This will be very helpful when writing thank you cards
  • Have Fun!

Ideas for Twin Baby Shower Decorations

  • Table Centerpiece
  • Welcome Sign
  • Banners
  • Balloons
  • Confetti
  • Wall and/or Hanging Decorations
  • Decorative Plates and Napkins
  • Streamers
  • Table Name Cards
  • Party Favors
  • Flowers
  • Candles
  • Useable Baby Items: Pacifiers, Teddy Bears, Rubber Duckies, Diaper Cake among others can be used to decorate

Organizing a Twins Baby Shower can be an exciting time – so ensure that you are prepared

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