Shopping for Twins

Shopping for Twins

Check out stuff for twins and my top shopping picks

Saving Money when Shopping for Twins

  • Free Stuff:
    Check out our free stuff for twins page. You can get some great deals and even stuff for free.
  • Hand Me Downs:
    Do you know anyone who has had a baby? Maybe you could ask them if they have anything you could borrow, swap, have or buy from them.
    You could buy a second hand crib but I recommend buying a brand new mattress for safety reason such as SIDS.
  • Buy in Bulk
    Buying items like diapers, formula and jarred baby food in bulk can save a lot of money. With diapers you can get the best deal by working out what each diaper costs. All you have to do is divide the price by the number of diapers and there’s your answer. For example lets say a box costs $10 and there are 50 diapers, divide $10 by 50 and this gives you .20 cents per diaper.
  • Make Your Own
    Even better why not make your any baby food you can even make your own teethers.
  • Be Prepared
    This is more a budgeting tip, if you start early enough when preparing for twins you can really shop around and find the best bargains and spread the cost out over the months to come.
  • Coupons and Discounts
    When you are out and about shopping for twins don’t forget to ask for a discount, you never know unless you ask also keep an eye out for any sales.
    A favorite with many families is clipping coupons and this doesn’t just mean for baby items but for anything you can find like groceries. Saving money in other areas will help get prepared for your twins.
  • Breastfeeding
    Breastfeeding your twins is no doubt the cheapest option, it’s free. I know this may not be possible for everyone for all different reason but if you can breastfeed it will not only save you money but time as well.
  • Using Bibs
    To save time and money always yours a bib when feeding and teething. You will have less washing to do and you could get away with fewer clothes needed
  • Bath Time
    Do you really need a baby bath? Many mothers including my own used the sink to bath their babies.
    Baby twins don’t need toys in the bath they can’t play with them yet anyway, this comes later and honestly fancy toys are unnecessary. A child’s imagination is huge, a plastic cup or container can be a boat a submarine a waterfall and I’m sure children will have much better ideas than me.
  • Get more out of Clothing
    Get more wear out of onesies with a false bottom, these are great especially during the first few months as babies grow very fast.
  • Join a Multiples Club
    Other than receiving support and a sense of community you also get a discount on a number of products and some clubs even have sales running themselves.

There are so many things to do when having twins – so make sure you are prepared and check out our Newborn Twins Checklist

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