Having Twins

A Newborn Twins Checklist

Twin Gear


Preparing for a newborn twins? Then you definitely need our Newborn Twin checklist!


You may have already finalized naming the twins, but here is some information to help you take some of the stress out of actually getting Day 1 ready for twin babies.


There is so much gear a baby needs, let alone twins, so why not start preparing early during your pregnancy. Get the necessities for newborns and save all that other stuff like high chairs and feeding utensils for later. 


Remember that when shopping for twins, spreading the cost over time will be less overwhelming, and it’s also a good idea to start early while you have the energy to get things done.


Remember too that you might get some of the things at your twins baby shower as well…

Newborn Twins Checklist

Making a budget and bargain shopping is a great way to start. Here is the list for newborn twins – Essentials, and a few extras, and the must have twin baby gear needed for their homecoming:

Clothing Twins

Sleeping Twins

Feeding Twins

Bathing Twins

Changing Twins

Outings with Twins

Twin Baby Care

Awake Time

Other useful things for twins

There are also a number of books for twins that have been really useful, from preparing for twins to raising twins and even newborn twin health issues.

Oh and another thing to be aware of…

Whenever you are out with your twins, make sure you are prepared for the numerous silly twin questions that you are bound to be asked