Labor and Delivery

Labor and Delivery of Twins

Twin labor

The labor and delivery of your twin babies can be a daunting thought.

Antenatal or Lamaze classes are a great way to be prepared for birthing twins, there are classes that specialize in multiple births.

Listening to your body is important as a twin pregnancy averages at 36 weeks, one reason a twin pregnancy is classed high risk.

Find out what the signs of labor and delivery, a premature birth is anything before 37 weeks. Preterm Labor can be especially dangerous during earlier weeks.

Twin Labor and Delivery

    Every birth is different whether you are having twins or just one baby. Though a cesarean section (c-section) is more common with multiple pregnancies, many women expecting twins have a perfectly natural birth.

    If you are writing a birth plan, it’s a great idea to plan for both as anything can happen with your twin labor and delivery.

    The location for the delivery of your twins is most likely to be in hospital, this is due to complications that can arise. Some women when all is favorable have been known to have a planned home birth for their twin babies.

    Vaginal Birth vs. Cesarean Section


    Cesarean section verses a vaginal birth really depends on the presentation of your babies, any complications during pregnancy and/or labor, like high blood pressure. Averagely 50% of multiples are born naturally (vaginal birth) and the other 50% via c-section.


    If your twin babies are positioned beautifully with both heads down (known as the vertex position), there is every reason a natural birth is possible. When the leading twin is head down and the other is breech (feet first) or transverse (sideways) a natural birth can be possible. A your doctor can turn the second baby by pushing on your uterus, though this can be difficult a cesarean section may need to proceed.


    Twins are recommended to be delivered by the 38th week, if the pregnancy goes much further the placenta may start to diminish with terrible outcomes. Usually an induction or c-section will be scheduled.

    Talk with your physician
    It is important to always talk with your physician with any questions and concerns you may have.

    Have you got any further questions, then check out our FAQs for a Twin Pregnancy

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