Identical Twins Fingerprints

Are Identical Twins Fingerprints also Identical?

Many people wonder if identical twins fingerprints are also identical. Although monozygotic twins may have similar prints there are obvious differences.

Twin fingerprints

So the bottom line is NO they both have different fingerprints which can be determined on close examination.



Fingerprints are a case of nature vs. nurture and scientists say when it comes to fingerprints and other characterizes, both genetics and environment (of the uterus) account for these. This is why identical twins may have similar fingerprints as they have virtually identical DNA and have shared they mother’s womb, environment.



Whilst in the womb environmental factors like blood pressure, the rate of growth, how they are positioned in the womb and nutrition can influence the characteristics of each baby differently. This includes the way they will look and their fingerprints.


Remember identical twins are two different people, they just happen to start life as a single embryo. Although they will have the same genetic makeup there are many things about monozygotic multiples that are very different, physically and nearly always distinguishable through personalities.

7 Fun Facts About Fingerprints

  • Other than identical twins, other family members can also have similar fingerprint patterns.
  • Koala’s have very similar fingerprints to that of human’s
  • During pregnancy fingerprints are developed at 12 weeks gestation.
  • Sir William Herschel was the first person to use fingerprints for identification in 1858. Specifically thumb prints of illiterate prisoners and workers in India.
  • Scientists say that an Egyptian mummy’s fingerprints can still be clearly seen and even unchanged
  • It is said that birds have prints.
  • The FBI’s fingerprint database is the largest in the world and is ten times larger than their DNA’s database.

Everyone has their very own set of prints no two people are alike in more ways than one.

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