Healthy Twin Pregnancy

Having a Healthy Twin Pregnancy

Twin pregnancy complications

A healthy twin pregnancy is essential for healthy twins and mom-to-be, including a Healthy Pregnancy Diet, Specialized Care and looking after you.

Specialized Care

One of the most important things you can do for a healthy twin pregnancy is to find the right medical care. Ideally you will want to find a doctor who has experience with multiple births, along with comprehensive knowledge of any complications that may arise.

Twin pregnancies need special care so it is important to listen to any recommendations they may give you. Trusting the advice your practitioner provides is beneficial for the health of you and your babies.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate in asking your health care professional, after all that’s what they are there for.

You will be monitored for specific twin pregnancy issues like twin to twin transfusion syndrome and baby twin growth. Also general things like hypertension (high blood pressure) and gestational diabetes.

Pregnancy Nutrition

Having twins requires good nutrition to help with the growth of your babies and to keep all three of you strong and healthy. Read these guidelines for a healthy pregnancy diet and normal twin pregnancy weight gain


If you have special dietary needs as in you are a diabetic or vegetarian you may like to speak to a nutritionist for help with eating during pregnancy.



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Getting Enough Sleep


When pregnant with twins your body workings twice as hard, which means you will need twice as much rest. Get a good eight hours in each night along with rest periods during the day. If you find it hard to nap during the day just put your feet up and relax, maybe read a book.


It is important to rest your body as too much pressure on the cervix can cause premature labor. Resting will also help blood flow and circulation as well as saving your energy for the big event, the labor and delivery of your twin babies


As your twin pregnancy progresses and your belly gets even bigger, you are likely to find it harder to find a comfortable sleeping position. Try lying on your side with knees bent using a pillow in between my knees, this can relieve some pressure. Lying in this position can also help prevent hemorrhoids, swollen legs and varicose veins.


It is possible your doctor will prescribe bedrest either partial or complete. Bedrest can really benefit your twin babies, prolonging delivery ensuing healthier babies and less time in hospital. If you are working you may have to take leave earlier than expected.


Remember getting the rest you need is vital for a long healthy twin pregnancy.

Protect Your Body from Sickness


When you are expecting a baby your immune system is lower than normal, this is so your body doesn’t reject your infants. So try to avoid the company of others, who have chicken pox, viral infections, German measles and basically any other illnesses.


Another way to avoid illness is to cook your food carefully, ensuring you wash all fresh fruit and vegetables and avoid eating raw egg (includes homemade mayonnaise or any other recipes containing raw egg).


Pregnant women may be more likely to get colds, coughs and the flu due to their lowered immune systems. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and taking multivitamins especially made for pregnancy can help as they contain vitamin C which is an antioxidant.


Importantly, if you do get a cold or flu over the counter remedies are not recommended and you should consult with your doctor first before you take anything.

Relax and Be Positive

To have a healthy twin pregnancy it is also important to be relaxed and be in good spirits.

Thinking good thoughts can do wonders, catching up with friends is a must and asking for help when you need it, as hard as that can be. It will help you to get through your pregnancy, especially during the third trimester

Relaxation techniques like meditation, visualization and yoga are activities that can really reduce stress levels and make you feel calm and even joyful. Yoga is a great way to exercise during your twin pregnancy

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Have you got any further questions, then check out our FAQs for a Twin Pregnancy

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