Twin babies first aid kit

Twin Baby First Aid Kit

The best way to start your baby first aid kit



There are a number of kits you can buy that are perfect as a starting point or you can go ahead a create your every own one that will fit in with your baby twins and your family.

I personally think two first aid kits are needed, one for at home and one for your hand bag or car.

This first aid kit from American Red Cross has most of what your really need

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Contents for a Baby First Aid Kit


  • A thermometer is the best place to start. Though there are many types to choose from which include pacifier thermometer, one that’s used in your ear or one that can be used in the mouth, armpit or rectum.
  • Antiseptic wipes to clean the thermometer and anything else you may need too.
  • Saline drops for the nose. This is something I used often with my twins if they had a stuffy nose especially when they were very young.
  • A nasal aspirator bulb can also be very helpful for babies who are unable to blow their nose.
  • Medicine dropper or syringe for measuring medicines that may be required.
  • Baby Tylenol for fevers and pain (dosage to be recommended by physician)
  • Baby nail clippers and/or scissors
  • Antibiotic cream for scraps and cuts.
  • Gripe water (baby gas drops), this is another one of those things I used all the time with my first baby. It helped with stomach discomfits and even the hiccups. It was a lifesaver when it can to the hiccups because they would wake my little one up all the time.
  • Calamine lotion is great for insect bites and minor rashes, it’s really good for chicken pox too. Aloe Vera gel is another great item to include for bites, rash or burns.
  • Small roller bandage.
  • Diaper rash cream some diaper rash creams can also be helpful for minor burns and skin irritations (check package and with your doctor for details).
  • Band-Aids can never go a miss in any family.
  • Tweezers for just in case.
  • A First Aid Booklet for babies is a great way to have a quick reference of things. It is a good idea to have a read of this book so you know a little about what to do in an emergency and can have great tips too (depending on the book you buy of course). Also attending a first aid course is a really good way to be prepared.

Having a first aid kit is just one of the many ways in which you can ensure you are prepared for the care of your twins – but there are a number of other helpful tips we have prepared to help you with the raising of your twins.

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